AV for Android is pointless

The Virus Shield for Android apps which shot to the top of the Google Play store earlier this month is as useless as a chocolate teapot.

Made by Deviant Solutions, the popular, well-rated, easy-to-use application, which claims to prevent “harmful apps from being installed on your device” for just £2.40 is a complete fake, it is alleged.

Virus Shield does not scan apps, settings, files, and media all it does is that its shield icon changes from an “X” image to a check mark after a single tap.

Programmer Zhuowei Zhang tweeted about the scam, writing that “it’s literally a single activity that displays a picture,” and dubbed Virus Shield the “crap app of the week”.

The application can be traced to a Live.com email address the trail of Deviant Solutions goes cold.

The tame Apple press claims that this problem highlights the ease with which developers can add apps to Android stores like Google Play. This would never happen with Apple’s tightly controlled App Store, Apple’s unpaid press officers thundered.

Actually, it is nothing to do with that and more to do with the state of the AV market. After all how many people have AV gear sitting on their machines all updated and still manage to get viruses? In many machines, AV software is the homeopathic cure for all malware. It might work, but you are never sure why.

Virus Shield attracted thousands of users and no one knew or cared that they were still getting malware installed until the software was checked by Zhang.