Autonomy splashes cash for chunk of Iron Mountain

British company Autonomy said it paid $380 million to buy important parts of Iron Mountain. It had said it was on the acquisition trail.

Dr Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, said the assets it bought are related to regulatory archiving and online backup.

The acquisition means it will add 6,000 customers to its existing 19,000. Iron Mountain has a product called Connected and it will try and sell these services to its existing Autonomy customers for enterprise servers, PCs and mobiles.

Autonomy claims it already has the world’s biggest private cloud – and said its competitors are simply creating roadmaps around virtualisation in enterprises and processsing information in the cloud.

Lynch said: “We’ve had the opportunity to buy strong assets at an attractive valuation, and through the application of our intelligent IDOL dark server technology will greatly increase the efficiency of this offering.”

We were going to link to the IDOL page here – – but at press time the server was down.