Autonomy shows it’s still a cash cow

British software outfit Autonomy said it turned in revenues for its financial year ending 31st of December 2010 of $870 million, with profit before tax of $379 million.

That puts it in the position of holding gross cash of $1.061 billion at the end of its year with no net debts.*

Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, said that in the year, Autonomy had become one of the biggest players in cloud computing. It handles over 17 petabytes of customer information in the cloud. He said the business “thrived” during the downturn unlike its competitors, showing growth on growth rather than a return to normal levels of growth.

It invested $115 million in R&D during the year as it moved to bring new product to the healthcare market. It struck deals with a number of major companies including Bank of America, AT&T, Qualcomm, and Goodyear – it also continued to service governmental customers including the UK, the USA, Kuwait, Australia and Canada.

* Oops. The letter m is way too close to the letter b. Sorry readers, it is billion not million, hence the headline.