Autonomy founder Mike Lynch slams HP in new website

Former Autonomy boss Mike Lynch has launched a website to help fight back in a very public battle with Hewlett Packard.

The site,, is said to be maintained by Lynch on behalf of the former management team of the British software company.   

According to a statement, the site will be used to provide “relevant information pertaining to the accusations made by Hewlett Packard[…]of financial impropriety at Autonomy”. 

HP has accused Autonomy of financial foul play, alleging that staff inflated the value of the company in a number of ways, including ‘channel stuffing’, the practice of accounting for sales to resellers which had not yet reached customers.  

HP made a $5 billion write-down in its most recent financial results following the acquisition of the company during the ill-fated tenure of former CEO Leo Apotheker.   

Lynch and his former colleagues have continually stated their innocence, though have faced a stream of high profile accusations from HP.  The US firm has released a number of notices to the press, including issuing statements through its website

The website, spearheaded by Lynch, is aimed at providing a platform for former Autonomy staff to fire off missives in retaliation to HP’s claims, and is the latest step in an escalating PR war between the two.   

“This site is designed to be a public point of contact for Dr Mike Lynch and other former managers at Autonomy with the wider world,” a statement on the site read. “It will contain information about Autonomy and any public statements made on behalf of the former management team related to these issues.”

It continued: “The Autonomy team are committed to providing clear and transparent information during this process, and would like to see the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

In one post, Lynch writes a letter to HP demanding that it provide details to support the allegations it has made. This follows steps from HP to report Autonomy staff to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

“HP should provide me with the interim report and any other documents which you say you have provided to the SEC and the SFO so that I can answer whatever is alleged, instead of the selective disclosure of non-material information via background discussions with the media,” the letter reads.

Lynch claims HP had full sight of the financial condition of the firm prior to its purchase.   Autonomy used independent auditors Deloitte and LLC to check its accounts, with current HP CEO Meg Whitman part of the board which gave the go-ahead to the acquisition deal at the time of the buy.

HP has so far refused to engage directly with Lynch over the allegations.

“While Dr. Lynch is eager for a debate, we believe the legal process is the correct method in which to bring out the facts and take action on behalf of our shareholders,” a recent HP statement read. “In that setting, we look forward to hearing Dr. Lynch and other former Autonomy employees answer questions under penalty of perjury.”

HP told TechEye in a briefing session last week that the company is committed to selling Autonomy products following the major write down, and will be increasing its attempts to integrate the analytics software into its range of products.