Aussies clamp down on Google Glass

The former British penal colony  of Australia is considering banning the filming of private conversations or activities using Google’s Glass eyewear.

Australians often come up with strange laws involving technology, there was one which banned websites which showed women with small breasts a while back. But this one is part of a push to overhaul state and federal privacy laws.

The Australian Law Reform Commission discussion paper, released on Monday morning, recommended 47 legislative changes aimed at updating existing privacy laws for the digital age.

Under the proposed laws, the government will introduce a statutory cause of action for a serious invasion of one’s privacy.

Taking cues from surveillance laws in New South Wales, the ALRC proposed a new national offence for those recording private conversations or activities without consent. Journalists uncovering criminal activities will be exempt.

Courts would be able to compensate victims, but the ALRC said it would not propose penalties for offenders.

Google Glass is the tech which is causing a lot of the problems. Apparently, there is a fear that they could be used to record others without their knowing.

Any law changes would also include the use of mobile phones for recording.

What this suggests is that you should be allowed to speak freely without someone keeping a record of it without your knowledge.

The downside of this is that technically if you record a politician coming home from his mistress’s place bladdered and flog it to the tabloids you could be breaking the law.