Aussie woman wanted iPhones, accidentally bought 'two apples'

A 21 year old woman in Brisbane, Australia who was trying to buy two iPhones was conned into buying a pair of edible apples.

She placed an advert on the Aussie Gumtree looking for two Apple smartphones and got a response promising the woman ‘two apples’ for sale.

After meeting in public at a McDonald’s in Brisbane, the Herald Sun reports, the woman handed over AU$1,500 and got two shiny new iPhone boxes in return, but she did not bother to look inside.

In what tragically was not a YouTube phone unboxing, when the woman opened up the iPhone boxes there were apples inside.

Gumtree spokesperson Niki Hennessy said the company is “continually improving processes and user education to make Gumtree the safest possible platform for buying and selling”.

In 2011, a woman in South Carolina, USA, bought an ‘iPad‘ in a McDonald’s carpark that turned out to be made of wood. But the scammers did at least paint the wood panel with an approximation of iOS.