Aussie man with van settles with Microsoft

Ric Richardson, the Aussie “man in a van” who has been fighting Microsoft in an eight-year piracy legal battle, has finally settled with the Vole out of court.

In April 2009, a United States court decided that Microsoft had borrowed Richardson’s anti-piracy technology without telling him or giving him any cash.

The court told Vole to write a cheque $388 million which was one of the highest in US patent history.

Microsoft appealed and the verdict was overturned five months later, but last year an appeals court upheld the original jury’s decision.

A trial was under way before a federal jury in Providence to determine how much Microsoft should now pay for infringing the patent, when the Vole finally blinked and made a settlement.

Richardson, 49, of Byron Bay Australia, is an inventor with over 40 patents to his name and does much of his thinking in his white van, which he calls the “DickMobile”.

Richardson told the Sydney Morning Herald he was “never in it for the money” and was only smacking the Vole because it was the right think to do. Apparently the deal does not involve a lump sum payment.