AUO and Sharp kiss and make up over TFT-LCD patent fuss

Sharp was in trouble with Taiwanese AU Optronics recently over patent infringement, but the two have made good and signed a licence agreement.

There was retaliating and umming and ahhing in district courts here and there from both sides.

AUO and Sharp have now entered a loving embrace, clutching each other to their respective bosoms, and will licence their own patents to each other.

There’s a strong and extensive patent portfolio for both, AUO and Sharp say in a statement. 

While slipping twenties into each other’s back pockets, they have also both dropped all pending legal actions that have been filed.

These are the patents AUO was cross about with Sharp. We can’t remember the other ones. 6,818,9677,057,3597,125,1577,259,526, 7,317,2897,172,331., 7,771,0987,723,728 and 7,101,073.

Another happy ending to an unseemly row.