At least 2,500 women fancy Ballmer, reckons OnePoll

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has emerged as the hottest thing in tech as he ticks most of the boxes on a OnePoll survey of what women secretly find attractive.

2,500 women were surveyed on what qualities turn them on, and according to their responses enthusiastic dancer Ballmer seems to be what does it for most ladies.

Most women yearned for a “geeky” man, who was a bit “cuddly” and unafraid to dance in public. Although this might come as a shock to some as these are women’s secret preferences because almost one in five women would never admit what they really find attractive.

Another geek that, according to this survey, could do it for the ladies is Apple founder and professional hairy-man Steve Wozniak. The Woz would drive the women surveyed wild with his grey hair and glasses, apparently.

Ballmer is well known for whipping up his employees into a frenzy with his enthusiasm and ‘dancing’ and it seems the ladies like this too.

Other erotic qualities most sought after include crying at soppy films, being sweaty after sports and reading books.

Unfortunately, both Ballmer and the Woz are spoken for. It seems all the best ones are taken…