Asustek wants to dump motherboard production

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hellish yarn about Asustek outsourcing the manufacturing of its motherboards and graphics cards to rival ECS.

Asustek has been a bit worried about how dependent it is on Pegatron Technology to make its goods. It also thinks that outsourcing to its rivals will boost its bottom line.

When hacks from Digitimes asked Asustek if the rumours were true, the outfit declined to comment. However we have already seen it increase outsourcing manufacturing to Foxconn and Quanta for notebooks and Eee PCs. It has also added Foxconn as its OEM maker of Garmin-Asus smartphones.

Pegatron executives have been seen wining and dining executives from Gigabyte, which is also cooperating with Foxconn and Global Brands Manufacture (GBM) for motherboard and graphics card production.

It is getting jolly confusing in the Far East with all this outsourcing lark. The arrangements are getting to be as tangled as the family trees of the ruling classes during the English War of the Roses. Next thing that will happen is another Henry Tudor and we all know where that ended up.