Asustek notebook shipments plummet

elepantsAsustek shipped justĀ  4.3 million notebooks in the second quarter, down from 4.8 million units in the first quarter and 4.6 million units in the second quarter of 2014.

Still notebooks did better than Asustek’s desktop shipments which were were only 500,000 units, 100,000 units lower than a quarter ago.

The company wants to maintain its notebook shipments at above 20 million units a year and has been launching new notebooks such as ultra-thin high-spec ZenBooks, high price-performance ratio T100 series devices and its latest gaming models, looking to shore up demand.

Asustek expects its notebook shipments to rise back to 4.8 million units in the third quarter, while desktop shipments will also increase to 600,000 units.

By the end of 2017, Asustek’s revenues from mobile devices will eclipse PCs and its mobile device business’ profitability will also catch up with that of the PC, helping to reduce the company’s dependence on PC products.

Asustek’s ZenBook and gaming notebook series together contribute 20 per cent of the company’s overall revenues and the percentage is expected to continue to expand to help the two product lines become main profit contributors in the second half.

Tablet sales have fallen fast. Asustek shipped one million tablets in the second quarter, with the company’s tablet shipments in the first half totalling 2.5 million units. Last year it flogged 4.1 million units in the first half of last year.

This has not stopped Asustek being optimistic about tablets. It said that its third-quarter tablet shipments to rise to 1.8 million units with the launch of its ZenPad series. Asustek maintains its annual shipment goal of seven million tablets in 2015 and the business will achieve a break-even performance in the year.

Asustek is also pushing into the enterprise tablet market. The ZenPad series will mostly adopt Intel’s platforms. Meanwhile, the LTE-supported models will use Qualcomm chips.