Asus tablet to give iPad run for its money

According to Gartner, some 10.5 million tablets will ship this year, as the world lies back and enjoys a cigarette in the afterglow of Apple’s anticlimactic iPad launch.

But with most on Wall Street predicting Apple will sell only between one to five million iPad units in the first year, who would be selling all those millions of other tablets Gartner is prophesising?

Well, the short list is not exactly all that short, with the likes of Dell, HP, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, Sony and many, many others all clamouring to get a piece of the Tablet PC pie, but for a market which is supposed to explode and give PC sales a boost up the backside, the OEMs sure are being mighty quiet.

Perhaps they’re just trying to surprise us, knock us off our guard, floor us with their smashing tablets when we least expect them to. Or perhaps, they’ve gone back to the drawing tablet, er, board.

Indeed, right now, we’d posit that the OEM with the best chance of filling Gartner’s optimistic quota would be Asus, which has one of the best designs seen in public thus far, a sleek, sexy little number sporting an Nvidia Tegra2 chip.



With Asus’ stellar reputation for engineering and its well established name in netbooks, we know where we’d be placing our bets when it came to a heavyweight iPad contender.

In the meanwhile though, the other OEMs better get their rears in gear if Gartner is to be proven correct that portable devices are to drive 90 percent of PC growth over the next three while 70 per cent of all PC sales by 2012 will be mobile.

Then again, Gartner reports are not quite as holy as tablets of stone.