Assange takes a right wing stance

Julian Assange’s Wikileaks Party has decided to back Australia’s gun nuts and white nationalists as it tries to get a seat in the Senate.

Assange’s party is entering the New South Wales Senate Race and apparently if you want to get elected you have to come to a deal with other parties.

Many would have thought that Assange would head towards the Greens and other left wingers, because, after all WikiLeaks candidates in NSW include human rights activist Kellie Tranter. However Assange has surprised everyone by throwing in his lot with the far right.

These parties include the Shooters and Fishers Party and the white nationalist Australia First Party who are the sworn enemies of the left.

Australia First’s policies include reducing and limiting immigration and ”abolishing multiculturalism” . Its leader is Jim Saleam, is a former neo-Nazi who was convicted in the late 1980s of organising a shotgun attack on the home of an Australian representative of the African National Congress.

To make matters worse, Assange’s party said that it wanted to support the left but made an “administrative error” and backed the right instead, which does not bode well for its competence.

What is more alarming is that the move effectively knifed the Green’s candidate, who would have been more in favour of Wikileaks’ wider agenda and could have put a Shooter’s party candidate into the Senate.

High-profile WikiLeaks supporter and former SBS newsreader Mary Kostakidis told the Brisbane Times that it was a ”major error in judgement” on Assange’s part.

The Wikileaks Party insisted that it was not aligned to anyone but had made preferences to get its name above the line on the ballot paper.

Needless to say, the feeling is that Julian Assange should not give up his day job as he is much better at that than being an Aussie politician.