Assange says India Wikileaks cables are true beyond doubt

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has spoken out about India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, who he alleges is involved in an attempt to mislead the public by claiming that facts published in leaked documents concerning America and the Indian embassy could not be verified.
Wikileaks started off the debates back in Novemeber when it published leaked extracts of diplomatic discussions. Many of the cables were not the kind of information governments wanted in the public’s eye and India’s government was no exception.

Some suggested that the ruling Congress party had bribed members of parliament to survive a vote of confidence in 2008. At the time, opposition parties had allegedly taken away their support for the government because they didn’t like the nuclear deals occurring between the country and the US.

But at the time the government said it was unable to confirm whether any of the cables rang true.

Assange off and he decided to stir things up telling Indian television network NDTV that there is no doubt the cables are authentic. However, he points out that to get to the crux of the truth people would have to “look at their sources and how they gave this information.”

“There is no doubt that these are bona fide reports sent by an American ambassador back to Washington, and these should be seen in that context,” Mr Assange added.

According to Assange the documents, known as the India Cables, have been given to The Hindu. The paper has said it didn’t pay for them.

At the time of publishing, the Indian Embassy in the United Kingdom declined to comment.