Arrogant stupid computer vendors, you will have cause to repent

Intel, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nokia, you are so so great but soon to be so short lived corporations, do you not realise that you depend on little people to buy your not so fantastic wares? There’s six billion people on this planet and marketeers are the tiniest fraction in the great count.

Journalists, yes little journalists like me, Sylvie Barak, and countless other little journalists around the world are the voice of the people and as investigative journalists we must seriously ask you lot what the heck you think you are doing in your arrogant ways?

We are not slaves to your endless press releases nor to Google News – it is our job to represent the people that buy your stuff.

And if you are so arrogant as to arrogate what people should buy, without taking a single word of criticism, then we shall say don’t buy any of this stuff.

You make me so angry, to arrogate to your corporate selves what we journalists should do and we little hacks have  just accept the whip lash or the knouts of your marketing and PR folk. Get lost.

Personally, any one or any corporation that thinks it, she or he can get their own way by bullying the little people is not worth a candle. We refuseniks at TechEye say get lost large corporations – you won’t hoodwink us any more.

Try looking at your corporate structure rather than your marketeering and treat decent little people with the respect we deserve. Because, after all, you are made up of little people too,  with short and fragile lives. However big you big yourselves up.

So Intel, Microsoft, Google, Apple and whoever you are, treat the reps of the people with respect. We buy your stuff. Or don’t, as the case will be if you try carrying on bullying. us little people who you have the arrogance to call “consumers”.