Army buys into IBM’s cloud

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.30.39Another day, another win win for International Business Machines (IBM).

Hot on the heels of yesterdays multi million deal with Coca-Cola, Big Blue said today that the US Army will use its Hybrid Cloud as the basis of what it says is one of the bigger logistics systems in the federal government’s armoury.

The system, which is called the Logistics Support Activity, or LOGSA for short, gives real time support of the Army’s operations worldwide.

IBM, which we must presume has the sanction of the Army to say this, says that LOGSA processes 40 million singular data transactions every day of the year.

The US Army can cut its costs by 50 percent using Big Blue’s Big Cloud and will also use IBM analytics to improve efficiencies.

The US Army has a data warehouse and connects to over 65,000 entities and maybe 150 direct trading suppliers worldwide.

Sounds to us like Intel needs an IBM Hybrid Cloud, because the sun never sets on the Intel empire either. But possibly they are using a vast array of Itanium processors to manage their er processes.