ARM plots world domination

ARM stepped up its fight against Intel in the mobile PC arena today, with the firm’s boss stating that it expects to own half of the market by 2015.

As Intel slowly makes it move to targeting tablets and other mobile PCs in their various incarnation with the impending launch of the Cedar Trail platform, having admitted it was a bit slow to spot the importance of the market, ARM’s low powered chips are already there and go their feet up.

ARM boss Tudor Brown said at the Taiwan Computex event today that the firm already has “about 10 percent market share” of the mobile PC segment, with chips based on its design inside the iPad and Galaxy Tab.

Brown added that by the end of 2011 ARM will have about 15 percent of that market share as tablets grow and by 2015, it will have half  of the mobile PC market.

According to IT World, since Microsoft is  releasing Windows 8 on ARM chips it appears that Intel has been suitably rattled.

We expect to see signs of Chipzilla fighting back. Intel will be talking to us about the development of the Medfield smartphone chip at the conference this week.

One area that ARM is unlikely to gain any ground in the near future is in the server market, with Brown not expecting systems built around the chip will ship until around the 2015.

He said that ARM will be there eventually, although it would be “several years” before significant numbers of shipments are seen.

According to Brown, following R&D into servers beginning in 2008 ARM will eventually challenge the might of the x86 with its low power servers, but it will need to develop a whole new “ecosystem” around the chip before they take hold.

This means that it is likely to be “2014 or 2015, realistically, before you see any volume from ARM” in terms of server shipments.