ARM goes up

ARMBritish technology firm ARM Holdings turned in revenues of £227.5 million for its first financial quarter, the firm said today. That’s an increase of 22 percent compared to the same financial period last year.

Simon Segars, the company’s CEO, said that many handset manufacturers had announced tablets and smartphones based on ARMv8-a and Mali graphics processors.

Production of these devices will increase in the second half of this year, giving ARM higher royalty percentages per chip.

ARM designs semiconductors and licenses the designs to others who manufacture them.

Segars said that ARM is also beginning to be adopted in enterprises for networking and server applications.

Processor royalty revenue was up 31 percent year on year, he said.

And in the quarter, ARM licensed 30 processors, and signed four licences for its Mali multimedia processors.

The quarter showed strong growth in shipments of microcontrollers and chips for mobile devices, ARM said.