ARM boss Tudor Brown to become ARMless

President of ARM Holdings, Tudor Brown, has announced that he will be retiring from the company in May next year.

After 21 years at the company Brown, a co-founder at ARM, will not seek to be reappointed at a board election next year.   

He worked for the firm right from its beginnings as Acorn, going on to help turn the company he became a director of in 2001 into a leading proponent of the move towards mobile computing. 

Following a string of roles including Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Brown became President in 2008.

But having been with the firm for such a long time there are other reasons he might be sad to leave ARM.  According to BusinessWeek he is currently raking in around £750,000 a year so he might miss that too, though the 52 year old should have enough saved for a nice retirement holiday when he leaves the Cambridge HQ for the last time.

In a statement made today, Brown noted that ARM is in a “very strong position” and said that he looks forward “to watching it grow further in the future”.

ARM also announced the release of its Mali T658 GPU chip, aimed at tablets and superphones as the company Brown helped build aims to continue its world domination in the mobile chip market.