ARM and Microsoft announce licence agreement

ARM and Microsoft have announced a new licence agreement for the ARM architecture.  

However, the companies, which have worked together since 1997 on software and devices across the mobile and consumer spaces in a bid to deliver user experiences on a broad portfolio of ARM-based tech, are remaining tight lipped about the agreement.

Mike Muller, CTO ARM said in a statement: “Microsoft is an important member of the ARM ecosystem, and has been for many years.

“With this architecture licence, Microsoft will be at the forefront of applying and working with ARM technology in concert with a broad range of businesses addressing multiple application areas.”

TechEye spoke to ARM’s executive VP of marketing, Ian Drew,  and couldn’t get much out of him. We’ve put together a Q&A. You can see for yourself, no one is going to know diddly-squat.

What will the licence enable Microsoft to do?
Licensing is a rare occurrence and enables companies to access our architectural microstructure. We’re not sure what Microsoft will be doing with this.

Will Microsoft be using any of your chip licences?
It’s too early to speculate about this and we can’t comment, but Microsoft may be able to tell you more.

How much has the deal cost?
We can’t release any sums or figures. Not even a ball park figure.   

So what can you tell us?
This validates our business model, and currently this is purely an announcement.

Oh, right.