Apprentice runner-up joined Stella at Viglen

The phrase “second best” springs to mind with news that Apprentice runner up Chris Bates has also scored a top position with Lord (Alan) Sugar’s Viglen company.

Although he didn’t promise a “field of ponies” like Stuart “the brand” Baggs, Bates according to British channel magazine, MicroScope, is working alongside “wooden” winner Stella English who is heading up the Viglen managed services project.

“Stella will manage projects for us as we get more and more contracts for the deployment of managed services,” chief executive Bordan Tkachuk told MicroScope.

“To be fair she is a worthy winner; good background, methodical with numbers and strong attention to detail,” he told the channel magazine.

Bordan, of course, is no stranger to the media and has appeared in the interview episodes of the show for a good few years. However, his biggest feat, as far as we’re concerned is exposing Baggs as being somewhat economical with the truth, which led Lord Sugar to sensationally give him the finger – or point and say “you’re fired”.

Stella and Chris have already both been there for five months and last year’s winner Yasmina is still working for Lord Sugar’s AMScreen Healthcare company. However, it seems she got more than the £100,000 salary after a quick office romance with a colleague that now means she’s currently on maternity leave.

Lee Stewart, the 2008 winner, didn’t last too long with the company. He left back in July to take on a public speaking role and now owns a company – Raw Talent – which aims to provide internal sales academies to both SMEs and corporate businesses to help build careers in sales through training, development and mentoring.

*EyeSee – Andrew “Dr Spinola” Thomas was once fired by Nick Hewer, while Nick Hewer attempted to drag me over the coals at IDG title PC Business World in the early 90s. Hewer said: “Alan Sugar doesn’t like your latest story very much.” I said: “Get lost Mr Hewer”. He said: “OK Mike.” I think it was something to do with hard drives and the supply chain but it is such a long, long time ago. The guy was like a sofa bed. Hewer, that is, not the august Doctor Spinola. I dunno why Andrew Thomas  ever worked for Mister, then  Sir, now Lord, Alan Sugar. Possibly he got cash and a crate of Talisker to boot.