Apple's Steve Jobs really detested Android

While Google insists that Steve Jobs’ hatred of Android was just to rally his troops against a common enemy, his biographer insists that the now dead CEO really hated the operating system.

Google’s Larry Page said that Jobs could not have hated him as he spent a lot of times being best friends with him and mentoring him. He thought that Jobs simply said these sorts of things as marketing and he did not mean them.

But speaking at the Royal Society, Walter Isaacson said that that Jobs’s genuine passion on this topic was not to be underestimated.

He said that it was part of Jobs’ genius, and also his weakness that he could be best friends with his worst enemies.

Isaacson said that Jobs’ hatred of Android was different from his similar fuming about Windows. Jobs was older, and wiser, and was clearly fond of the younger man, a prodigal genius with a killer product.

In fact he believed it was Eric Schmidt, who was the Google CEO, who had sat through Apple’s board presentations on the development of the iPhone, who had been inspired to create a competitor.

Schmidt left the Apple board a year after the iPhone was launched and Jobs was furious with him until he died.

Isaacson said that once Jobs started a vendetta, it took a lot to make him stop. While he buried the hatchet with Windows, the earliest Page could have expected Jobs to quit his “thermonuclear war” on Android would be sometime in 2020.

He said that the hate would never have been for show. Never just to rally the troops. Given his obsession, Jobs’s strong distaste for the design of Android would have been the supercharged energy cell inside him, he said. Still that is Buddhists for you. So says the Sydney Morning Herald.