Apple's patent trollage gets ever more bizarre

Steve Jobs’ obsession with shutting down Andriod by spending all his company’s profits on hiring patent lawyers is starting to get out of hand.

A tiny restaurant in Luxembourg named AppleADay which makes “balanced fast food” has had a writ from Jobs’ Mob and ordered to shut its doors.

The reason is that Jobs’ legal hounds have decided that Apple fan boys are so stupid that they will confuse a small bistro with an Apple store.  The fear is that they will buy a sandwich thinking it is the latest slimmed down Air and will complain when they try to plug it in and it does not go.

Apple lawyers may have a point, anyone who is dumb enough to buy an iPhone 4S, which is identical to an iPhone 4, might have some problems with identification. But the rest of the universe, which can tie up its collective shoe laces, should be able to tell the difference between a sandwich bar and an Apple shop.

One of the owners of the restuarant told IT World that all the outfit wanted to do was create bistro menues of fast food that’s healthy. Local authorities gave the name their approval. The logo looks more like the Georgia Peach logo than the Apple computer logo.

Apparently Apple is so paranoid it feels that its international cargo cult will be brought to its knees by a 20 seat restaurant in Belgium that sells only drinks, sandwiches, and desserts.

The owners have offered Apple a deal that it will keep making sandwiches, not computers. We doubt that given the current mentality at Jobs’ Mob this will fly.

Currently Apple is leaning on the EU to mount an anti-trust investigation into its biggest Android competitor Samsung. The EU has apparently agreed to this and ignored the fact that it is Apple which appears to be doing its best to snuff out competition.  

There is some evidence though that Apple’s patent trollage is starting to have an effect on those in the tech community. For the first time it is starting to be seen as the bad guy and “doing evil” according to some commentary sites. Apple’s reality distortion shield has depended on the illusion that it was the creative guy standing up to the evil Microsoft. Now it is doing some things that Microsoft would not have dreamed of doing, that illusion is starting to be shattered.