Apple's Jonny Ive to stay in US

The bloke credited with being the design genius at Apple is believed to be flogging his home in the UK.

The dark satanic rumour mill had manufactured a hellish rumour that Jony Ive was planning to quit from Jobs’ Mob and move back to Blighty.

The rumour was started by the Daily Mail a while back in a story that features comments from friends and former colleagues which said he wanted to spend more time with his family.

But according to the, er, Daily Mail a former colleague of Ive’s reportedly indicated that those rumours are “false” and that he is flogging his house in the UK so he can spend more time with his shiny toys.

Apple gave Ive a “golden handcuffs” option grant in 2008 which is now worth $30 million.

But the rumour was that Ive and Apple were at war over the distance from his $4 million home in Somerset, to Apple’s Cupertino campus.

Now the Daily Mail claims that the home in Somerset is empty and that he will receive £15 million in Apple shares next year.

It looks like he has been cuffed to Apple for a bit longer.