Apple's iAd plan becomes more sinister

Apple’s plan to invade Google territory with its iAd idea is starting to like it should have been designed by a bald headed bloke stroking a white cat, than a San Francisco peddler of over-priced goods.

Last week Apple released new rules which it things will kick Google’s AdMob in its favourite assets by brokering its ads inside iPhone and iPad apps.

However Apple is insisting that anyone who writes an iPhone and iPad apps may only share user-interaction data with Apple.

This means that only Apple’s iAds platform can know when users view and interact with embedded ads.

Google will be shut out from the scheme and and other ad-broker systems apparently won’t be able to see it either.

We are starting to see how evil Apple is getting when it comes competition. We have seen it killing off applications in its App stores which prevent competition however this one really is a kicker.’s Eliot Van Buskirk concluded that iAd rivals ” will lose just about every advantage they currently possess over a paper flyer pasted to the side of a building.”

Jobs Mob will take the best ads within iPhone and iPad apps and it is going to charge an arm and a leg for them.

Valley Wag said that ad agency Hill Holiday told it that iAd will contain “premium… expensive” ads built on “high-quality creative.”

It otherwords the technology to spy on users ad deliver advertising to them has got Ad men moist. This is probably a bad sign for users.

One of the main advantages Apple has in selling the idea is that it has a loyal band of fanboys who will do what ever Steve Jobs says without question. It also appears to have a get out of jail free card with most of the IT press in the US.

With few people asking questions, or at least writing to their congressman to complain, it looks like Apple will create a walled garden with the iPad and iPhone with everything that stings customers allowing Steve Jobs to have expensive holidays somewhere nice and hot.