Apple's dodgy 4G marketing investigated

Britain’s advertising watchdog is about to sink its teeth into the juicy exposed rump of the glorious Apple cargo cult.

It seems that Apple’s marketing of its iPad boldly went where credibility had not gone before and the UK watchdog is snuffling around to establish if Jobs’ Mob broke any laws.

According to Reuters, Apple claimed that if you bought its glorious new iPad you would get access to 4G, which if possible, would be a tribute to the genius of Steve Jobs. You can’t get 4G in the UK, so Apple’s marketing failed to mention that you could get 4G if you were visiting some parts of the US.

So far the Advertising Standards Authority has had 24 complaints about claims on Apple’s website about 4G on the iPad. The ASA has opened its Apple coffee jar to see if there are grounds for an investigation.

It is fairly likely that there are problems with marketing of the iPad. Apple has come up against a similar problem in Australia, whose consumer watchdog took the cargo cult to court.

Apple was forced to offer refunds to all affected buyers in the country. Other than an improved resolution, the iPad was not much different from the iPad 2. 4G would certainly be something that would sell the iPad, if it was available, which it isn’t yet, in many territories.