Apple wins injunction against Samsung down-under

The handbags at dawn war between Samsung and Apple seems to be going in Jobs’ Mob’s favour.

Apple, which is terrified that it might lose market share to Samsung and Android, has been taking out a number of patent troll actions across the world with the idea of taking its rivals product off the shelves.

Now, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian court slapped a temporary ban on the sale of Samsung Electronics’ latest computer tablet in Godzone.

It will take months for the complete case to play out in court and in the meantime Apple is left as the sole significant player in the tablet market in Australia.

The Federal Court, in granting the temporary ban, ruled Samsung had a case to answer on at least two of Apple’s patents. The ban applies on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet until the same court rules on the core patent issue.

However, Judge Annabelle Bennett told the court she wanted the case dealt with early. If Samsung can get the case to court quickly it might be in a position to get its rival product out there. So far, though, Samsung has been reluctant to push anything thing through despite the risk of missing out on Christmas sales, because it says it needs time to prepare a proper defence against Apple’s case.

Apple could also find that it forces Samsung to push a new generation of products onto the market.

Already leaked specs of the new Samsung smartphone show it is set to wipe out the iPhone 4S. If Samsung is forced to bring that to the market early then Apple would regret it.

It would still leave Samsung without a tablet.

Samsung left open the option of appealing against the ruling and pointed out that it would continue to pursue its own patent claim against Apple involving Samsung’s wireless technology.