Apple will start charging for iTunes Radio

radio_farm_family_ca1930_dbloc_saFruity cargo cult Apple is so confident about its iTunes Radio it is going to start charging for it.

While the service has been hailed by the Tame Apple Press, it did not do as well as many thought it would.  The service, which competes with people like Pandora, is exected to lose members once the ree period isover.  In fact even free is less interest than expected.

Reading the Tame Apple Press’s view of the numbers suggests that the pool of users is growing, and Apple can be confident in charging people for it.

ITunes Radio, which was announced in 2013, will no longer be free from the end of January, Apple confirmed in statement.

The ad-supported service, available only in the United States and Australia, will be folded into Apple Music, which costs $9.99 a month.  Quite what users get out of the service other than the joy of having an officially blessed Apple service is anyone’s guess.