Apple TV can’t connect to iTunes

Engineers at the fruity cargo cult Apple are left having to explain to the supreme darlek why its iTunes upgrade meant that the Apple TV could not connect to its flagship iTunes.

Apple’s business model depends on a walled garden of delights, where Apple fanboys buy an expensive bit of gear and then go to Apple’s own site to buy all their media content. With a bit of luck, users never visit any other sites and only obtain information on the outside world through Jobs’ Mob reality distortion field.

All that was put at risk after it was revealed that the Apple TV, which is mostly supposed to connect to iTunes, could not manage the job any more. It seems an update of the iTunes software broke the Apple tellies,

Now you would think that not only would Apple be aware of the problem, but also such a stupid mistake would be rapidly fixed. However, that would not be taking into account the fact that Apple has to acknowledge that it made a mistake, and this often takes therapy.

The problem was first reported on April 17 on Apple’s official support forums. By now that thread has become quite lengthy with repeated complaints by Apple TV users who are unable to make their set-top boxes connect to iTunes. The first generation Apple TV was released back in 2007 and the company sold it until 2010, so there are quite a few of them out there.

One poster described that this simply happened out of nowhere. He had full access to iTunes Store the night before, but in the morning it started displaying an “iTunes Store Not Available” message. Access completely disappeared, except for movie trailers, after he unplugged the Apple TV.

Nothing seems to work.

Of course, in Apple philosophy nothing is supposed to be backwards compatible if it was sold four years ago so we don’t fancy Apple users’ chances that it will see the need to fix the problem that quickly.