Apple turns in record profits

Cupertino combine Apple Inc said that it posted revenues of $15.7 billion and net profit of $3.25 billion for its third financial quarter to June 26th 2010.

The gross margin on its sales for the quarter was 39.1 percent, and the results compare to revenues of $9.73 billion and net profit of $1.83 billion for the same period last year.

Apple said it sold 3.47 million Macsm 8,4 million iPhones and 9.41 million iPods. It sold 3.27 million iPads during its third quarter.

The iPhone 4, said CEO Steve Jobs, was the most successful product launch in Apple’s history.

In a conference call, senior Apple executives claimed that the problems with the iPhone 4 antenna hadn’t dented sales at all. In fact, it faces increasing demand for the phone, Apple said.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, said that 1.7 millipn iPhone 4s were sold in the five countries where it launched. Asked if there was any increase in returns of iPhone 4s, Apple said the “phone is ringing off the hook for people that want more supply”.

No dropped calls then.