Apple turns in a fantastic profit

A Cupertino company  called Apple exceeded Wall Street’s expectations because daft people paid more than they should for its designer style products.

The company’s telephone called the “iphone” contributed most to Apple’s bottom line. The gizmo faces competition from Google and its “android”, however.

Apple made a net profit of $3.07 billion on revenues of $13.5 billion, well up on its previous fiducial figures.

However, its Achilles’ Heel appears to be that while it did extremely well in the United States, with 42 percent of its sales in the US of A, it didn’t do that well in other territories. Apple didn’t break down the figures.

Apple is obviously an all-American company, and given the speed of 3G north of San Diego and south of Toronto that’s all that it deserves. However, you cannot diminish the fact it’s profitable, although outside the USA, most people prefer Android and HTC.

Plus its CEO is a bit arrogant.