Apple tries to shut down Samsung in Japan

Patent troll Apple’s quest to be more evil than Microsoft is gathering pace after the fruity cargo cult attempted to shut its rival Samsung out of the Land of the Rising Sun.

According to Reuters, black shirted briefs from Cappuccino have been seen in court rooms in Japan claiming that Steve Jobs invented the idea of a rounded rectangle and Samsung must stop producing better goods than Apple that use a similar design.

Japan’s Kyodo news agency said that Apple is looking to halt sales of Samsung’s allegedly patent-infringing Galaxy S smartphones and is demanding that its former chum write a cheque for $1.3 million for being heretical and daring to challenge it in the market place.

The first hearing was held in a Tokyo District Court on Wednesday, though a court spokesman would not comment on the case.

While European and Australian courts have so far rolled over and given Jobs’ Mob what it wanted, there seems to be a problem in getting the Japanese to go the same way.

Ryuji Yamada, CEO of Japanese provider NTT DoCoMo, is now saying that Apple’s lawsuit will not have any effect on next month’s Galaxy Tab launch.

He said that he had heard from Samsung that there will be no obstruction to sales.

As rivals start to enter the smartphone and tablet market, Apple hopes to delay a sales slump by using the patent system to prop up its flagging sales. At the moment Apple’s iPhone and tablet sales have been increasing thanks to expanding markets. However, with rivals which are at least equal to it, and cheaper, that can not last for long.