Apple told to stop gay bashing

Apple has been slammed for “gay bashing” by the 15-year-old daughter of two lesbian parents.

According to the Huffington Post, at the heart of the problem is Apple’s dictionary which manages to hack off a huge chunk of the cargo cult’s liberal base.

Becca Gorman looked up the definition of “gay” in the Apple dictionary while working on a school project about gay rights. Goodness knows why she thought a company which thinks each sentence should end with the word cool, or super could teach her anything about English, however what got her going was a third definition for the word which said that Gay meant “informal, foolish, stupid” and giving the meaning “making students wait for the light is a gay rule”.

She wrote a stiffly worded letter to CEO Tim Cook – recently named the most powerful gay man in the world.

Gorman said that even with Apple’s addition of the word ‘informal,’ this definition normalises the terrible derogatory twist that many people put on the word ‘gay'”.

In other words, yes the word is used like that, but Gorman thinks they shouldn’t.

Unlike most letters of complaint, Apple acted surprisingly quickly on this one. In an hour a PR Applet was on the blower talking to her.

The company’s representative told the teen that they were also shocked by the definition, and that Apple would look into correcting the problem. However, as of this morning the definition was still the same.