Apple to harness power of solar cells

Chic mobile phone company Apple has filed a patent application which suggests that it has a notion to incorporate solar cell technology to charge devices it may or may not produce.

This is not, actually, a new idea, and area is very important for solar cells – a cell needs to accept the rays of Mr Sun up there and it all depends on how good power management is on the device.

Thankfully, power management is getting better and better all the time so because of Moore’s Law you need less area to soak up the rays of Suraj.

The patent, which is here, was filed in 2008 and the description suggests powering portable electronic devices using multiple solar cells – linked to the device, so the device can power up again.

Yes, we know that sometimes Surya, the Sun, shines in San Francisco except in the foggy bits. But in Cupertino the sun shines all the time, and that’s because Saint Steve Jobs has a direct line to Apollo. Or any other of the Sun gods up there, including Scott McNealy and Larry Ellison.

*EyeSee The Sun has seven horses, according to this page.