Apple thinking of buying payment outfit

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured another hell on earth yarn that says that Apple’s Steve Jobs is about to open his cheque book and buy a mobile payment start-up called Boku,

The rumour appears to have been started by Techcrunch  and has caused many leading Apple Theologians to wonder what Jobs is smoking.

Obviously, if Steve has thunk it, it must be a super, cool, and clever thought beyond the range of most thinkers. Certainly this one is proving beyond the imagination of many.

Boku already has deals in place with a number of major carriers all over the world. The company offers APIs that allow developers or vendors to enable users to pay for goods or services using their mobile phone. Those charges are then added to a user’s monthly cell phone bill.

After all, why would Apple would want to make such an acquisition when it already has easy online payments funneled through iTunes.

Some think that such a move might help Jobs Mob convert the Indian market from its many religions to one single faith based around buying broken iPhones.

Apparently Jobs has worked out that poor people don’t have credit cards. Jobs insists that everyone hand over their credit card when they sign up to iTunes.

He is worried that where credit cards are scarce, potential iPhone users could be cut out of the iTunes/App Store Walled Garden of Delights. Apple could be looking at acquiring Boku to offer an alternative payment options to such users.

Of course that theory only works if poor people are not going to sign away all their cash, and sell their livestock to pay for a broken iPhone.

Another theory is that Jobs could use know-how from Boku to extend iPhone users’ Apple ID accounts to pay for goods and services outside the iTunes.

This would allow developers or web site owners a way to accept payments directly from iPhone users that requires nothing more than a phone number and a password.

However, Jobs has some competition for the sale. Google is also interested in buying the outfit. Since it would only cost about $250 million to buy it is a viable target for either outfit.