Apple takes aim at Motorola Xoom in Europe too

Litigious Apple isn’t just taking legal action against Samsung and HTC – it’s got its little beady sights on the Motorola Xoom too.

Florian Mueller, on his bog, said as well as Apple attempting to injunct Samsung, it also at the same time petitioned the same court to take action against the Motorola Xoom and a German outfit called Jaytech.

In the complaint against Apple, says Mueller, it also complained about the design of the Motorola Xoom tablet and that appears to request a Europe wide ban on its technology.  Jaytech has already been injuncted.

While Apple has had a long running legal battle with Motorola, Mueller suggests that it’s not widely known that it’s taking action against the Xoom in Europe too.

What’s obvious is that Apple wants to stem or stay the rise and rise of Android, and it’s patent – get it? – that it will use the law to prevent the little bastard OS from getting its own way by hook or by crook.

Apple poached its chief lawyer from Intel a couple of years ago. Bruce Sewell is a very experienced litigator and used to run what was effectively a P&L unit for Chipzilla.

Intel doesn’t appear to be taking legal action against others the way it used to when Sewell was head legal honcho at Intel. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.