Apple suppliers force kids to work

Fruit themed toymaker Steve Jobs is becoming at risk of being identified an 21st Century Mr Bumble thanks to the antics of his Asian suppliers.

According to a Supplier Responsibility Report last year three of Apple‘s suppliers hired a total of 11 underage workers. Three facilities were found to be improperly disposing of their hazardous waste and half the sites were forcing long work weeks.

The report was compiled by Apple and lays out how Apple is working on human rights, labour, and environmental problems with its manufacturing partners.

To be fair to Apple, the outfit has gone to great lengths to detail the sins of its suppliers. However the question remains what Apple will do about it. The idea of western products being made in Asian sweatshops by child labour is not something that goes down too well. Nike suffered from similar problems with its trainer sales.

Apple hit the headlines a while ago when one of the Chinese workers working for its Foxconn plant mysterious killed himself after an interview with employees over a missing prototype. Foxconn security staff recently said sorry to a reporter after the beat him up for taking snaps of the plant from a public road.

In 2009, Apple says it audited 102 suppliers and trained 133,000 workers, supervisors and managers in China, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.