Apple suppliers fed ex employee, Paul Devine, cash for roadmaps

Apple’s suppliers have allegedly been betraying the company for some time, and it seems they may have got away with it.

Jobs’ company had a poisoned Apple in its midst – with a former employee pleading guilty to multiple criminal charges and admitting he took bribes from Asian suppliers.

The rotten Apple, who goes by the name of Paul Devine, is accused of providing confidential information to suppliers so that they could negotiate favourable contracts.

Mr Devine, who worked as a global supply manager for Apple from 2005 to 2010, also admitted to engaging in a scheme to defraud Apple of its money and property throughout his time at the company.  

He also admitted to transferring the proceeds of the wire fraud between various bank accounts in the US and overseas in order to hide the money he was being paid. Court documents suggest Devine traded in criminally-derived property worth more than $10,000.

According to an official court statement, Mr Devine shared confidential information, such as product forecasts, roadmaps, pricing targets, product specifications, and data obtained from Apple’s business partners, to suppliers and manufacturers of Apple parts.  

They claim that the scheme enabled suppliers and manufacturers to, among other things, negotiate more favourable contracts with Apple than they would have been able to obtain without the confidential information.  As part of the plea agreement, Devine admitted that the loss attributable to his offences was around $2,409,000.

However, in April, Apple made a… Devine intervention after it found incriminating emails in its employee’s inbox, which were sitting on an Apple owned laptop.

As part of the plea, Devine has agreed to pay restitution as ordered by the Court.  He has also consented to the forfeiture of money and property worth approximately $2.28 million.

Mr Devine’s lawyer said he was a “good man who made a mistake, and now he’s trying to make amends”.