Apple summoned to Aussie parliament to explain rip-offs

Apple Australia’s managing director Tony King has finally agreed to meet with a Federal Labor MP to explain why the Jobs’ Mob is ripping off its Aussie customers.

Ed Husic called out Apple in parliament this week and demanded a broader inquiry by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission into price discrimination by technology companies in Australia.

The Aussies have just worked out that video games are regularly 60 percent more expensive in Australia, and the squatters in the outback have to pay hundreds of dollars more for laptops and in some cases almost double what Americans pay for software from companies like Adobe and Microsoft.

While Husic has used Parliament to rail against tech companies who commonly set prices in Australia that are significantly higher than the rest of the world, King is probably hoping for an easy ride. Husic is an Apple fanboy and might just be summoning him in the hope that he might shake hands with the man who shook hands with Steve Jobs.

However Husic appeared a little miffed earlier this week that Apple has recently reduced the prices of apps, music and other content bought through iTunes but was still significantly more expensive in Oz. The the new MacBook Air and the new Apple Thunderbolt displays were $300 and $270 more expensive for Australians.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, he said that Apple had treated him exactly like one of its ordinary customers and totally ignored him. He was staggered by Jobs’ Mob’s behaviour “they’ve snubbed consumer, media and parliamentary interest in this matter.”

Actually Husic, Apple treats all its customers like that, and if they charge more in Oz than in the US it is because Apple fanboys, like yourself, just give them money.

If Australia wanted to see prices of Apple gear drop and customer service improve,  Husic should be arranging a nationwide boycott so that the outfit pulls up its socks. But since that means that people will not be able to buy the latest shiny Apple gear, it probably will not happen. You can’t really take on Cargo Cults.