Apple sues HTC again

Apple is upping the ante in its legal war on HTC, with yet another patent infringement lawsuit, reports TechCrunch.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday by the fruity company, which has added an additional patent to the 20 it is already dragging HTC over the coals for. It highlights four patents in particular, two of which were present in the first lawsuit. 

A new patent mentioned is number 6,282,642, entitled “System for real-time adaptation to changes in display configuration”. It was granted in 2001 and renewed in 2008 as 7,380,116, causing some confusion as to whether it was the same patent or a new one entirely.

This patent, like most others, is particularly vague. It relates to a hot-plugging video capability that alerts the device’s display manager when the configuration is altered. The display manager then responds by reconfiguring things and notifies the client. You know, an Apple trade secret, obviously.

In May the disgruntled HTC launched a counter-suit against the Cupertino company, escalating the feud between the bitter rivals. It seems that this latest counter-counter-suit is only one of a long chain that may be clogging up the courts for some time to come.

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