Apple sued over Lion OS

A company is suing Apple in the “fast track” Tyler district court, alleging that the Cupertino Kid is ripping off a patent it owns.

VirnetX claims the patent in question, 8,051,181 – and with the snappy title Method for Establish Secure Communication Link between Computers of Virtual Private Network – is being breached in a number of Apple products.

Products alleged to breach the patent include the iPad 2, the iPod Touch, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4.

Apple also indirectly infringes the patent by selling products to resellers and end users, the writ alleges.

VirnetX would like to have a jury trial as soon as possible and wants the jury to award it the world+dog, or at least stacks of money. The patent was only issued on the 1st of November last, so VirnetX hasn’t wasted any time.