Apple stuffs up Italian censorship

Jobs’ Mob is jolly proud of the fact that it has censored its walled garden, so that a nun would not be shocked by the state of its applications.

But it appears that the rigorous censorship only applies to games that are written in English, or whatever language passes for it in the US these days.

There is a game which is being circulated in Apple’s App store and is recommended for children – and it’s called Angry Bunga.

In the game you have to play Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as he tries to score under-age girls for one of his sex parties. The popular game involves bribing judges and avoiding the press.

Normally such games would attract the attention of Jobsian censors, but we think it avoided detection because Apple staff could not read the Italian instructions, recognise the cartoon image of Berlusconi, or generally work out what was going on.

Now while we are not in favour of any censorship, and find the game satirically amusing, we find it fairly hypocritical that Apple only censors games which would be offensive to Americans.

Berlusconi is a somewhat divisive character in Italy but not everyone wants to lob a cathedral at him.

He is on trial for under-age sex and corruption, but has not actually been convicted yet. It is odd that Apple censors think a game which alleges that a politician bribes judges so he can have underage sex is legit and the sort of game a child should play. 

*EyeSee Below is a quick screen grab, but we can safely say we have seen it in Italian.