Apple struggles to secure iPad content

Apple’s US iPad launch is just around the corner, but the Jobs Mob is still desperately trying to secure media content for the device on schedule, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Sources close to Apple have told the WSJ that the company is still in price-talks with media companies for cuts on TV episodes and other downloadable content for the iPad. Originally the idea was to stick shows for the iPad at either $2 or $3, but now the company wants to make shows available for $0.99.

However, Apple is apparently also having trouble sealing the deal with major player TV producers who are showing concerns that a price cut could hurt their existing businesses. Sources also told the WSJ that the price cuts are leaving TV producers worried about jeopardising subscription fees that are paid through cable and satellite companies for traditional TV networks. TV bosses are also skeptical of Apple’s decision to not incorporate Flash into the iPad.

Jobs’ lot have made no secrets about wanting to work closely with publishing houses to digitally reprint newspaper and magazine content. Those in the know say for now this is on the “backburner,” which is strange if we consider Murdoch’s recent interview enthusing wildly about the iPad being the future of the media.

Reports say that at the moment, the only area where Apple is on track is getting the new iBooks store up and running, the iTunes-alike but for downloadable ebooks. While the iPad is causing Apple geeks to foam and froth at the mouth, it will be interesting to see, if things carry on as they are now, how magical and revolutionary the product is without any content on launch except for books, which of course you can view on your PC, Kindle, phone, or even, heaven forbid, in the traditional ‘book’ format.

The WSJ piece is here (subscription required).