Apple stores snub cash

Apple is creating a bit of a stink across the pond because its sales staff are not allowed to accept green backs.

While the dollar is almighty in the world, particularly now the Euro is in trouble, it is less mighty than the word of Steve Jobs.

Sales staff are told that they are not allowed to accept money at Apple stores but must take some form of plastic instead.

The reason for this, Apple is not saying. But it is probably so that Steve can keep track of what you buy at the store.

However officially the outfit is claiming that it is all to do with piracy.

ABC news focused on the sad tale of woe of Diane Campbell who apparently wants to learn how to play her guitar by going online.

Disabled and on a fixed income, she decided that an iPad would be perfect because it was small, mobile and suited her needs.

She saved up her pennies and had the $600 only to find that the Apple store was not interested in her money.

Alan Fisher, of the California Reinvestment Coalition, said that Apple was being rude to people who already have many difficulties accessing the rest of mainstream society.

Of course he does not know that Apple is not discriminating against anyone.  It is rude to them however much money they have.

However Fisher said that there is a class of people who are low-income punters who have trouble getting credit or mortgages.

Apple refused to explain its policy to the riff-raff television hacks who seem to think it odd that a US company refuses to accept US coins.

Of course if Campbell had got her iFad and tried to connect she would have needed a credit card to use iTunes anyway.

ABC discovered that what Jobs was doing to his customers was perfectly legal. The US Treasury Department says there is nothing in the law that requires companies to accept cash as payment, even though it is “legal tender.”