Apple sniffing around Tidal’s hindquarters

Fruity cargo cult Apple is on the verge of buying a dire music streaming site because it has some pretty terrible popular beat combo artists signed up to use it.

Normally you would avoid a music streaming service whose main claim to fame is that it is owned by  Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Chris Martin and Jack White.

Apple is in talks to acquire Tidal, the Jay Z owned streaming service. The Tame Apple press thinks it is a marvellous idea because it thinks that Apple acquiring Tidal would give it an incredible leg up when it comes to negotiating for exclusive streaming rights.

However these are the same press which have been running down Tidal because it has been running exclusive album deals from its artists making it impossible for Apple Music to get its paws on them.  The stories are that the exclusive albums have been pirated and flogged for free.

Now however that Apple is interested in Tidal it has suddenly become a great idea.

Apple’s Jimmy Iovine said that Jobs Mob was having a bit of trouble negotiating with artists and labels for exclusivity rights. In the case of Kanye’s album, West had initially planned to release the project on Apple Music, but backed out at the last minute to work with Jay Z, because they were mates.

But this is not the first time that someone has been looking under the bonnet of Tidal and kicking the tires. Samsung, Google, and Spotify have all snuffled around that particular hubcap only to yelp and walk away.

Jay Z initially purchased Tidal for $56 million just over a year ago from Swedish company Aspiro. The rapper gave a handful of artists and bands a small stake in the company. The service currently has around 4.2 million paying subscribers.

A Tidal spokesperson has denied that the company is in talks with Apple so the whole thing might just be a Tame Apple Press fantasy.