Apple sits on huge outage

alice_humpty-dumpty_2_detThe fruity cargo cult Apple suffered a huge international outage that inconvenienced all its users and is refusing to offer any explanation.

The outage started at 4pm on Thursday and took down its App Store, iCloud and the Photos application.  It took the best part of a day to fix and all was sorted out by Friday afternoon.

First fixed was the App Store functionality and the last were the iCloud and the Photos application had remained unavailable to some users.

However, Apple, while saying that the services were up has refused to comment about the nature of the outage. Any media inquiries are referred to a web page that shows that all the services are working.

It is as if Apple is trying to pretend that nothing happened and that if no one talks about it, Apple can claim it never did. The Tame Apple Press has done its best to gloss over the outage. While there were reports that the outage happened, most of the tried to mitigate the outage by providing Apple with free advertising. When each failed service was mentioned it was given epithets “the popular” or the “successful” as if this would help. Then, other than reporting the service was up, the press seemed happy to walk away as it was told leaving no one in Apple accountable for the mess.

They might be missing a great story. What if Apple’s network was taken out by the same well organised team of racoons which bought the US particle accelerator to its knees?  The Apple attack could be part of a well-organised racoon campaign by to raise the standards of the world by hacking into establishments that oppose evolutionary culture and the use of biological rubbish bins.  We will never know because Apple is not telling us the truth.