Apple shares reach $300 all time high

Apple’s shares have jumped to $300 today for the first time in the company’s history, highlighting the extremely successful year it has had with the launch of the iPad and iPhone 4.

At the beginning of the morning, Eastern Standard Time, stocks were at $298.54, but they increased $2.12 to $300.66 soon afterwards, and have increased further since then to $301.33 at the time of writing.

Apple has had a good year, launching the iPad in April and securing three million sales within the first 80 days of its launch. A successor to the tablet is expected to launch early next year and may see Apple shares rising further, despite looming competition from a range of Android devices.

Apple also launched the iPhone 4 in June and had trouble keeping up with demand for the device, despite major problems and a PR nightmare over its faulty antenna, which left many customers unable to make or receive calls while holding the phone in a certain way.

The success marks a stark contrast to how Apple was doing just ten years ago in 2000, when it saw shares slump as low as $28. A series of brutal performances on the stock market saw its stocks dropping sometimes by as much as 50 percent, which could have led to the end if it had continued much longer.

Luckily for Apple Steve Jobs returned as full-time CEO in 2000, after a few years acting as interim CEO. Within a year the iPod was released, beginning Apple’s steady rise again and the establishment of the powerful iThinigies brand.

If you had invested in Apple in 2000 when stocks were low, you’d be rolling in cash now. $1,000 worth of shares in Apple ten years ago would be worth close to $11,000 now, while $10,000 then would be worth in the regions of $110,000. That’s the beauty of hindsight.