Apple shareholders freak out on fruity future

Apple shareholders will raise concerns over the replacement of the influential and charismatically uncharismatic Steve Jobs at a meeting today.

It’s thought that at the annual meeting general meeting, a major pension fund shareholder will demand that the firm outlines its succession plan following the third period of medical leave taken by Jobs in the past seven years.

With Tim Cook currently covering the CEO position he seems best placed to carry on Apple’s tradition of marketing itself as a cutting edge product leader, that has seen it triumph with hardware like the iPhone, iPad and a slew of other square or rectangular products. Though Apple appears reticent to make such a decision public.

There are concerns that while Apple recorded a share price rise of 70 percent in the past year, with Jobs leading stock to over $330, guarantees need to be made to quell unease in shareholders should the brand lose its iconic supreme leader.

According to the Beeb Jobs recently made an appearance at a meeting with President Barack Obama, with the former CEO looking “very frail” fuelling concerns for his health and the future of Apple.