Apple share price climbs out of the pit

Apple's CEO, Tim CookAt the opening of trading on NASDAQ today, Apple’s share price (tick: APPL) stood at $121.99 but it’s made some recovery during the day and at press time stands at $124.19.

Apple’s financial results, which we reported on early today, resulted in a low in after hours trading of $199.96 – its share price had closed at $130.75.

While financial analysts still remain bullish about Apple’s future sales, it seems investors have their doubts.

CEO Tim Cook wasn’t saying whether sales of its iWatch were buoyant – but the concensus seems to be that it possibly shipped two million units during its financial quarter since it was released in April this year.

But analysts had predicted that as many as five million of the watches would ship – most of the revenues Apple generated came from the iPhone, but there are signs that sales of the smartphones may not be as brilliant as Apple obviously hopes.

Apple is supposed to bring out more iPhones this autumn, but there’s no guarantee that people will upgrade to any new phones it might launch.

Apple’s iPad is suffering from generally flat sales of tablets worldwide – and it’s rumoured to be bringing out one with a larger display later this year. The problems is that people don’t upgrade their tablets very often.