Apple service provider sues customer for complaining

Jobs’ Mob’s minions have a novel method of dealing with customers who dare to complain about its shocking service. They sue them.

For years now Apple has had a policy of deleting complaints from its bulletin boards which complain too much about its service. Now it seems the outfit’s Greek  authorised Service Provider System Graph has taken it one step further and is suing a customer who complained online about poor service.

Dimitrios Papadimitriadis took his iMac for service because he was seeing gray spots on his LED panel. We can see his problem here. After all Apple products never go wrong, so if Papadimitriadis was seeing grey spots then it must be because it was really a Windows machine in disguise.  If Papadimitriadis’ description is anything to go by, the outfit certainly treated him as if he was not really an Apple user.

System Graph recommended a full interior cleaning of the iMac and performed the service for Papadimitriadis. But when he got the machine back he noticed moisture behind the screen and that it still did not work properly and took it back.

System Graph then told him that they needed to keep his iMac to replace the LED screen and he would be without it for another week. We presume it was just to make sure that it really wasn’t a Windows machine.

Papadimitriadis knew his rights and demanded that his iMac be replaced pursuant to Article 540 of the Civil Code and section 5 of Act 2251. System Graph told him to go forth and multiply saying they it was not the original shop that he bouvhf the iMac from.

Papadimitriadis told the whole story here [lost in Google Translation] .

System Graph responded to the complaint by suing him for defamation. It wants 200,000 euro out of him. Since System Graph is an authorised Apple suppler and no-one gets that title without Apple’s blessing, we can only assume that this sort of action has Steve Jobs’ official sanction.

An authorised Service Provider is supposed to be a company representative for Apple,  a bit like an honorary console is for the diplomatic service.

To be fair to Apple, it is unlikely that it has heard about it. However, what System Graph does not realise is that such anti-customer antics look really bad. When you are providing service for another company, your behaviour is being done in the name of that company. Our guess is that when the Cappuccino Wolfsschanze wakes up this morning there will be a very angry Jobs on the blower to Greece. It is one thing to treat customers like idiots, it is another to be seen to treat them so.